HydroProcessing catalysts (HPC)

  • We provide technical proposal and operational support to meet a wide range of customer's requests including optimization of catalysts system and cost reduction solutions.
  • We offer high quality catalysts based on a fine quality control.
  • We lead the period through the development of the most advanced catalyst.

Increase of LCO feed rate in sulfur free diesel production by high active catalyst
Improvement of the performance of catalyst system by the effects of combined catalysts (STAX)
Improvement of product color in kerosene and diesel unit
Reduction of waste and cost by regeneration or rejuvenation of spent catalyst)


Guard grades

Guard grades (Catch Scale, Iron, Silicon, Arsenic and etc.); KG Series

The guard grades restrain the delta pressure build-up of reactors by catching solids (scales) in feedstock oils, which are exfoliated rust of pipe or fouling of the heater or heat exchanger.


Hydrotreatment of Naphtha, Kerosene and Diesel

Hydrotreatment of Naphtha, Kerosene and Diesel KF 700 / 800 Series, Nebula

These catalysts demonstrate high performance for various applications and make it possible to operate with high operation economics or to extend operational cycle length.
They can improve your economics thanks to superior regeneration characteristics.


  • Nippon Ketjen Introduces Next Generation KF 774 PULSAR Clean Fuels Catalyst for ULSD production
    • Leverages the core technology of the PULSAR catalyst platform
    • Provides extended HDS, HDN, and Aromatic Saturation activity and additional stability for diesel hydrotreaters

Nippon Ketjen announced the commercial availability of its next-generation KF 774 PULSAR hydrotreating catalyst.

Our Clean Fuels Technology helps power the potential of the world's refiners that support industries critical to the global economy. Customer needs continue to evolve, and they look to Nippon Ketjen to provide solutions today that will meet their future challenges. KF 774 PULSAR is a product that uses the latest catalyst technology developed to solve those customer challenges.

Catalyst development is a continuous and collaborative process. KF 774 PULSAR, developed together with KETJEN, is a catalyst that utilizes a novel active phase technology with extremely high metals dispersion and efficiency that provides added flexibility in today's refinery operations. KF 774 PULSAR can be used in combination as part of our STAX system, a catalyst combination technology, to tailor system performance to meet the needs of refinery operations.

* PULSAR: A new catalyst technology platform, a novel active site technology with extremely high metal dispersion and efficiency. It enables high HDS and HDN performance, high performance stability, and low hydrogen consumption.

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Selective HDS catalysts of FCC gasoline


Hydrotreatment of VGO

  • KF 800 / KF 900 Series
    • HDS・HDN catalysts for VGO FCC pretreatment
    • HDN・HDS catalysts for VGO Hydrocracking pretreatment
    • Hydrocracking catalysts for VGO

Hydrotreatment of Residue

We provide appropriate catalysts for many kinds of heavy feedstock oils and applications

  • Hydrotreatment catalysts for residual (Fixed bed)
    • Hydrodemetalization (HDM) catalysts: KFR 10 / KFR 20 Series
    • Transition (HDM・HDS) : KFR 30 Series
    • Hydrodesulfurization (HDS) catalysts: KFR 50 Series
    • Hydrodesulfurization・Hydrodenitrogenation・CCR removal (HDS・HDN・HDCCR) catalysts :
      KFR 70 / KFR 90 Series
  • Hydrocracking catalysts for residual (Ebullated bed) KF 1300 Series
  • Hydroprocessing Catalysts(HPC)
    • Guard grades
    • Hydrotreatment of Naphtha, Kerosene and Diesel
    • Hydrotreatment of VGO
    • Hydrotreatment of Residus
  • OFF-SITE Regeneration / Rejuvenation Service
  • Collaborative Work