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NIPPON KETJEN produces a full line of high-quality catalysts. Our products undergo demanding quality control all the way from development to production, shipment and supply to the customer. Not content simply with high quality, we have created a variety of hydroprocessing catalysts that respond to the individual needs of customers. NIPPON KETJEN has also actively promoted product development with emphasis on constantly anticipating customer needs.


Quality management

NIPPON KETJEN employs leading-edge catalyst technology in production of hydroprocessing catalysts. There are demanding quality control systems at all stages of production and in all areas of operations. In order to achieve continuous improvements in the areas of safety, management, cost-control and distribution, we conduct thorough self-checks on all our operations. The various quality circles and activities to provide ideas for improvement are being promptly implemented. We have also created a working environment characterized by personal interest and responsibility for the impact each role has on the company's result. This “quality consciousness”, an element that cannot be achieved by devices and computers alone, is one of the major resources of NIPPON KETJEN.


Central Control Room


Quality Control Laboratory


Shipment Work


Integrated Management System

Integrated Management System Policies

Nippon Ketjen strongly recognizes its social responsibility, aims to be a respected company and strives to ensure sustainable growth. Nippon Ketjen sets forth, as follows, the basic policies for the "Integrated Management System," which contains management of occupational health, & safety, environment, quality and company risks.

(1) Strictly comply with the laws & regulations, social rules and ethics applicable to business activities, and other requirements from stakeholders of the Company.
(2) Provide a safe and comfortable working environment for all employees and remain free of occupational accidents.
(3) Enhance the awareness of safety, health and environment, and execute self-motivated and responsible business activities.
(4) Take measures for the conservation of energy and resources, the prevention of global warming and the reduction of waste materials, and strive to protect the global environment.
(5) Offer quality products and services to the satisfaction of customers, by participation of all employees.
(6) Set improvement targets for the integrated management system, implement them according to plan and continually improve the system.

President Yoshitaka Akiyama

Acquisition of Certifications

  • ISO9001 : certified in November 1995
  • ISO14001 : certified in May 1998
  • ISO45001 : certified in June 2019
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