Nippon Ketjen Co., Ltd. contributes advanced technologies that improve economic feasibility of oil refining through the development, production and sales of hydroprocessing catalysts, as well as, off-site catalyst regeneration/presulfiding, technology services and process licensing.
The company is also dedicated to protecting the global environment through these activities.
We are constantly improving our technologies with the aim to optimize our contributions to our customer and the environment.


President's Greeting

NIPPON KETJEN, a leader in the field of hydroprocessing catalysts

Hydroprocessing catalysts play the most important role in the oil refining process.
We have continued to provide the most advanced hydroprocessing catalysts to our customers since the company's establishment in 1970.  

We have close business relationship with the KETJEN Corporation which has facilities in Texas, USA and Amsterdam, Netherlands. We are also receiving full supports from Sumitomo Metal Mining, Co. Ltd which has been developing their main business for more than 400 years in Niihama, Japan. The excellent R&D, technical services and production technology are not only our pride but also our lifeblood.
We have developed and commercialized high activity desulfurization catalysts (STARS catalysts) and its rejuvenation technology (REACT).  

In the global scale the steady supply of energy and the environmental preservation are increasingly important.
We are sincerely committed to responding speedily to a wide variety of customer needs and offering the innovative solution to them. Through these activities, we intend to contribute to the society in the fields of energy and environment.

President Yoshitaka Akiyama


Management Vision

Nippon Ketjen seeks to:

  • Provide superior quality and service to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Create an open company with sound and transparent management.
  • Respect human life and care about the global environment.

Corporate Data

Corporate Name
Nippon Ketjen Co.,Ltd.
Address of Head Office
Seavans North 1-2-1 Shibaura Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Date of establishment
April 9, 1970
480,000,000 yen
Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd. 50%
Ketjen Netherlands Holdings B.V. 50%
Main Operations
Production and sales of hydroprocessing catalysts


Head Office
Seavans North 1-2-1 Shibaura Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan (Google Map)
Niihama Division and R&D Center
17-4 Isoura-chou Niihama-shi, Ehime, Japan (Google Map)
Eurecat Plant
366-20 Otsu Isoura-chou Niihama-shi, Ehime, Japan (Google Map)
Nippon Ketjen Singapore Pte.Ltd.
18 Robinson Road, Singapore 048547
Korea Office
602 Trade Tower World Trade Center Samsung-dong,Kangnam-gu Seoul,Korea


Establishment of Nippon Ketjen Co., Ltd. Joint investment with Akzo Chemicals B.V. and Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd. Start of sales of HPC catalysts(*2).
Start of operations at 1st HPC catalyst plant.
Start of operations at 2nd HPC catalyst plant.
Start of operations for new production process for HPC catalysts.
Start of sales for KFR series of residue hydroprocessing catalysts.
Start of sales for presulfided catalyst "Easy Active".
Start of sales for Guard Reactor System in the residue hydroprocessing.
Start of sales for HC catalysts(*3).
Adoption of CFI process(*4) at a domestic oil refining company (1st in Japan,7th in the world).
Increase of R&D facilities and pilot test units.
Acquisition of ISO 9001 certification.
Acquisition of ISO 14001 certification.
Acquisition of OHSAS 18001 certification.Unification through conversion of east and west plants to DCS.
Inheriting of operations of Nippon Eurecat Co., Ltd.
Albemarle Corporation inherits Akzo Nobel's holdings of Nippon Ketjen Co., Ltd. (50%). Reception of TPM Award Type 2.
Awarded Fiscal Year 2005 High-Pressure Gas Safety,Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency Director Commendation.
Albemarle Corporation and Nippon Ketjen Co., Ltd. form a Hydroprocessing Alliance with UOP LLC to help Refiners Produce Clean Fuels.
Nippon Ketjen Co., Ltd.'s STARS Technology Receives Coveted Technology Award from Catalyst Manufacturers Association of Japan.
Ketjen Netherlands Holdings B.V. inherits Albemarle Corporation's holdings of Nippon Ketjen Co., Ltd. (50%).
  • *1.FCC catalyst: Fluid catalytic cracking catalyst
  • *2.HPC catalyst: Hydroprocessing catalyst
  • *3.HC catalyst: Hydrocracking catalyst
  • *4.CFI process: Cold Flow Improvement Process
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