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Hiromasa Ooba is assigned to the president of Nippon Ketjen.


President's Greeting

NIPPON KETJEN, a leader in the field of hydroprocessing catalysts

Hydroprocessing catalysts play the most important role in the oil refining process.
We have continued to provide the most advanced hydroprocessing catalysts to our customers since the company’s establishment in 1970.

We have close business relationship with the Albemarle Corporation which has facilities in Texas, USA and Amsterdam, Netherlands. We are also receiving full supports from Sumitomo Metal Mining, Co. Ltd which has been developing their main business for more than 400 years in Niihama, Japan. The excellent R&D, technical services and production technology are not only our pride but also our lifeblood.
We have developed and commercialized high activity desulfurization catalysts (STARS catalysts) and its rejuvenation technology (REACT).

In the global scale the steady supply of energy and the environmental preservation are increasingly important.
We are sincerely committed to responding speedily to a wide variety of customer needs and offering the innovative solution to them. Through these activities, we intend to contribute to the society in the fields of energy and environment.

President Hiromasa Ooba