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Nippon Ketjen Introduces Next Generation Ketjenfine KF 917 PULSAR Clean Fuels Catalyst for FCC-PT application.


・Leverages the core technology of the PULSAR* catalyst platform
・Provides extended HDS, HDN, and Aromatic Saturation activity and additional stability for VGO FCC-PT hydrotreaters

Nippon Ketjen announced the commercial availability of its next-generation KF 917 PULSAR hydrotreating catalyst.

Enhanced Hydrodesulfurization and Hydrodenitridation Performance and Stability in Hydrotreating Heavy Crude Oil**.

Our hydrotreating technologies support refineries in improving production efficiency and economics under tight environmental regulations. Customer needs are constantly evolving, requiring us to provide solutions to their challenges, and the KF 917 PULSAR is the latest in a series of superior technology products developed to meet these customer challenges.

KF 917 PULSAR achieves high desulfurization performance and improved performance stability by employing advanced active site control technology that enhances the dispersion of active metals and suppresses agglomeration. In addition, catalyst poisoning substances such as vanadium, nickel, iron, silicon, and arsenic contained in heavy feedstocks reduce the performance of the catalyst, but the combination of our guard catalyst technology and the stable removal of these poisoning substances prevents performance degradation and enables stable long-term operation of Hydroprocessing units.

* PULSAR: A new catalyst technology platform, a novel active site technology with extremely high metal dispersion and efficiency. It enables high HDS and HDN performance, and high performance stability.

**Heavy feedstock oil: Heavy diesel oil is obtained mainly from vacuum distillation units and cracked diesel oil is obtained from thermal cracking units such as fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) and coker.

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